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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Clark, NJ

The term "dual diagnosis" is used when a clinical assessment identifies a mental illness or emotional disorder as well as substance use disorder. This is very common. Many people with mental illness have ongoing substance use problems, and many people who use drugs and alcohol also experience mental illness and emotional problems.

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The relationships between substance use and mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental health disorders are complex. Some medications prescribed for anxiety or mental illness may be misused, leading to additional addiction disorders.

Treatment for co-occurring substance use (or substance dependence) and mental illness is more complicated than the treatment of either condition alone.

The counselors and staff at The Counseling Center at Clark, NJ are all well trained in recognizing and dealing with clients suffering from substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. All outpatient treatment is assigned after an initial Clinical Assessment, which is an essential tool for understanding current status, including the need to recognize and treat a dual diagnosis.

All of our counselors are trained, certified, and appropriately supervised to ensure we can give our clients the treatments they need to regain control and go on to live healthy, happy lives.

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