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Treat Depression With SPRAVATO in Clark

It's hard to live a fulfilling life when depression is getting in the way. And although there are various treatments you can try, they aren’t effective for everyone. If it seems like you’ve explored various possibilities yet continue to suffer from incapacitating depression, The Counseling Center at Clark might be able to help. Our authorized clinicians have experience combating treatment-resistant depression with a medication called SPRAVATO® in Clark.


Spravato (esketamine) CIII is administered through a nasal spray and utilized to manage treatment-resistant depression (TRD). When you have sought help from no less than two antidepressant prescriptions with minimal relief of depressive symptoms, taking SPRAVATO might benefit you. Numerous patients ultimately find relief for their depression when taking SPRAVATO in conjunction with an antidepressant. Many patients who take SPRAVATO with an oral antidepressant report reduced depression symptoms in four weeks. Research has shown the benefits of SPRAVATO can be felt within 24 hours of the initial treatment.

SPRAVATO is a ketamine derivative. It is the single formulation of ketamine in Clark and the United States currently authorized for managing depression. It stimulates certain brain neurotransmitters and lets them better communicate to control mood and reduce negative depression symptoms.

What Are The Signs Of Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Numerous sufferers are able to manage symptoms of depression with medication. But if you’ve tried at least two antidepressants with little to no improvement, you might be experiencing treatment-resistant depression. Signs of this disorder include:

  • No or limited improvement with antidepressants and therapy following multiple weeks
  • Short-lived improvements negated by a return of symptoms
  • Longer and more severe occurences of depression
  • Onset of anxiety or more frequent anxiety

If you suffer from any of the listed symptoms, consult with a medical specialist to discuss your options.

Who Can Benefit From SPRAVATO?

SPRAVATO is only prescribed to adults suffering from treatment-resistant depression. It has possible side effects, and various pre-existing conditions may prohibit you from using SPRAVATO.

At The Counseling Center at Clark, we only provide safe, effective treatment in accordance with your unique circumstances. Before prescribing medication to treat mental disorders, we will review your physical and psychiatric history. You’ll work with one of our doctors to determine if SPRAVATO is appropriate for you in conjunction with other antidepressants and ongoing therapy.

*Insurance and Self-Pay options are available.

If we deem you to be a good candidate for SPRAVATO at our location in Clark, we’ll order a prescription for this option and set up a schedule for taking it at our qualified treatment center. You can utilize SPRAVATO for as long as you and your clinician feel it is helping you treat your depression.

How Does SPRAVATO Play A Role In Substance Use Recovery?

Numerous people who battle treatment-resistant depression experience drug or alcohol use disorders. Depression makes it difficult to do what is needed to conquer these disorders. At The Counseling Center at Clark, we offer therapy for drug and alcohol addiction and the mental illnesses at their core. If you haven’t discovered a worthwhile treatment for depression, and it’s obstructing your recovery from addiction, we could write a prescription for SPRAVATO.

When you feel better, it’s not as hard to steer clear of alcohol and drugs. SPRAVATO treatments can give you the edge you are in need of to continue therapy and keep yourself sober.

Medicare Patients Can Now Get SPRAVATO® in Clark, New Jersey

We are excited to share the news that we now welcome Medicare for SPRAVATO® treatment in Clark, New Jersey. This innovative medication is designed to aid those who face treatment-resistant depression. Our dedicated staff is dedicated to providing all-encompassing care and support to guarantee that you have access to this potentially life-changing treatment. With Medicare now accepted for SPRAVATO®, more individuals can experience the advantages of this cutting-edge approach to combating depression in Clark.  

Fighting Depression And Addiction? Let Us Help

Whenever depression is obstructing your addiction recovery, help is at hand. Place a call to 732-605-6029 or send in the form on this page, and we’ll respond immediately, no matter the day or hour. We are here for you now. You shouldn’t have to experience this by yourself.