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Mental Health And Addiction Services Referrals near Clark

If you’re a medical professional looking for drug or alcohol addiction and mental health services for a patient you treat, The Counseling Center at Clark is here to assist. Our referrals in Clark make it simple for you and those in your care to ask for substance use or mental health recovery guidance. Once you or a patient makes contact with our team, we’ll be glad to supply the specialized, personalized treatment we’ve earned a reputation for.

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How To Make Referrals To The Counseling Center

In order to request outpatient drug rehab or mental health referrals to The Counseling Center at Clark, you may reach us by

Our team will make note of the patient’s details and touch base with them to talk about what will happen next and provide answers to any immediate questions. In the event the patient is currently receiving care from your organization, we’ll make sure there is a seamless switchover to The Counseling Center at Clark. We also have the ability to customize the patient's personal care plan to coordinate with additional healthcare providers.

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Schedule A Tour Of The Counseling Center at Clark

Our dedicated staff is always glad to partner with other healthcare experts and would like to provide you and your team a more detailed glance at our addiction and mental health treatment center in Clark. Actually, we have various centrally located facilities for individuals to select from contingent on where they are on their journey to substance use recovery:

To learn more about the care we provide along our continuum of care, contact 732-605-6029 and schedule a tour and visit with us. We’ll be pleased to show you around and show you how we might work in unison to assist those impacted by substance use in our area rebuild their lives.

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Begin The Insurance Coverage Process

The Counseling Center at Clark tries to keep the cost of our services as reasonable as we can and accepts the majority of insurance plans. We do not accept Medicaid presently.

One of the preliminary procedures we do is check your patient’s insurance and work with their agent to find out how much of our treatment they’ll pay for. We then immediately advise patients what their out-of-pocket cost will be so they are able to figure out if they want to obtain treatment at our facility. If a patient is uninsured, we’ll provide the self-pay rate in advance and explain payment options.

Common Questions Concerning Our Addiction Services Referrals near Clark

The Counseling Center at Clark is always happy to respond to your inquiries about our addiction and mental health services. If you don’t see the information you’re searching for here, reach out to us at 732-605-6029 anytime to obtain the answers you require.

The Counseling Center works with individuals who have finished resident rehab programs and have progressed to a point where they may stay at home but require continued assistance for mental health and sobriety. For you to refer a patient to our center, they must be:

  • At least 14 years old
  • Finished with detox for drugs and/or alcohol
  • Medically stable
  • Require expert services for sustaining sobriety or dealing with mental health disorders
  • Dedicated to attend mental health therapy to address drug or alcohol use and mental disorders

Of course! Our staff maintains the confidentiality of all patient information. We only talk about their treatment with them, you as their healthcare provider, and their approved family members.

If you contact The Counseling Center, someone will reply promptly, regardless of the day or time. We’ll figure out if our support fits the person’s current needs or if they require another kind of treatment for their present phase of addiction or mental health rehabilitation.

If we decide The Counseling Center at Clark is the best place for them, we’ll arrange a psychological assessment and talk about their insurance coverage and potential payment plans. After this assessment, we’ll make a recommendation on the best treatment for them and enroll them in one of our outpatient programs.

Help Someone Obtain Guidance For Addiction

No matter where your patient is in their addiction or mental health journey, we can help. Contact 732-605-6029 or submit the following form. A qualified staff member will respond and assist you immediately in finding the proper type of care.