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Mental Health IOP

Your mental wellness is equally as vital as your physical state. At The Counseling Center, we provide care that considers the whole you. Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in Clark allows you to detect underlying mental health disorders and treat them with established methods of therapy so you can live a happier, healthier life.

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing With Our Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program In Clark

Mental illness can be incapacitating, and nobody should deal with it on your own. Our mental health IOP in Clark is concentrated on helping you navigate past the specific disorders that might prevent you from doing the things you enjoy. We are here to help you find your best life. By dealing with these mental health disorders, we will help you get better and achieve fulfillment in other facets of your life.

Credentialed therapists administer all of our mental health care. They use numerous evidence-based psychotherapy techniques to identify mental illnesses and help you manage your condition. Working collaboratively, you’ll examine:

● Causes and triggers of mental illness

● Proper coping mechanisms

● Healthy life skills

● The bond between mental health and destructive behaviors like alcohol and drug use

Find Support For Every Mental Illness

The sympathetic team at The Counseling Center at Clark is experienced with the challenges of trying to live with a mental illness. Our job is to help you and get you moving forward. Our clinicians have extensive expertise and experience in caring for mental health concerns like:

● Depression and various mood disorders

● Anxiety disorders

● Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

● Bipolar disorder

● Personality disorders

● Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

● Attention-deficit (ADD) and attention-deficit hyperactive disorders (ADHD)

● Trauma

● Substance use disorders

Protect Your Health With Regular Mental Health Therapy

Therapy for mental health is most productive when received regularly. In our mental health intensive outpatient program in Clark, you’ll stick to a structured schedule designed to help you maintain stability and advance toward mental health objectives. Our mental health IOP consists of group therapy and one-on-one therapy sessions lasting three hours per day, three days per week. You are able to choose from day and evening sessions to accommodate your daily routine and better balance treatment with other family and work commitments.

You also have the opportunity to engage in family therapy at The Counseling Center at Clark. We teach family members about good mental health and how to be there for a loved one working through a disorder. Working with a skilled family therapist, you can mend family relationships and learn how to improve mental health together.

Personalize Your Mental Health Treatment

Therapy should never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Similar to all our services, we personalize our mental health support to fit your exact needs and circumstances. Individuals we treat undergo a comprehensive assessment prior to starting treatment. With the information gathered, we create an individual plan of care detailing what types of therapy we think make the most sense for you. Over the course of your treatment, we check in with you frequently to address any changing requirements, treatment gaps, or other concerns and questions you have.

For some people, your care plan could include seeing a psychiatrist to address mental health disorders with a prescription. When talking isn’t sufficient to deal with a mental illness, our clinical professionals might order a prescription to get you past your obstacles. We will regularly check your progress and make adjustments to your dosing levels as needed to keep it effective while minimizing side effects.

Reach Out 24-7 To Get Help In Our Mental Health IOP In Clark

You don’t have to battle with a mental illness on your own. Help is available now by reaching out to The Counseling Center at Clark. Place a call to 732-605-6029 or fill out the form on this page at any hour. We reply immediately, day or night, all year long.

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