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What Causes Mental Health Disorders?

June 28, 2024

If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, it’s reasonable to ask, “Why me?” and “How did this happen?” We don’t totally comprehend why specific people develop mental afflictions, but experts have detected some factors that may influence them. Once you have a greater understanding of the potential causes of mental disorders near Clark, it’s easier to determine the support you need and feel less isolated.

What Causes Mental Health Disorders In Clark And Beyond?

There isn’t a conclusive way to determine what has led to a mental health disorder. You could have comparable life experiences to another person and get a disorder that hasn’t impacted them. Or, possibly you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness that your relatives haven’t encountered. However, researchers have identified certain characteristics that greatly correlate to mental health disorders. If you’re experiencing a psychiatric condition, you might identify with one or more of these causes of mental health disorders.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events that occur before age 18. These might include:

  • Physical abuse or violence
  • Being a witness to violence
  • Having a family member commit suicide or attempt to do so
  • Living with an individual with a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Living with a loved one who has an undiagnosed mental health disorder
  • Separation from parents or loved ones
  • Housing or food insecurity

The detrimental repercussions of these events might follow you throughout life. Even have a safer, less traumatic life in adulthood, the fear and damage caused by ACEs can contribute to psychiatric illnesses.

Chronic Medical Issues

Enduring and trying to manage a chronic, life-endangering medical issue will take a toll on you. It’s terrifying, frustrating, and exhausting. So, it’s not surprising that people with chronic medical conditions are at a higher risk for mental disorders, too. If you’re struggling with frequent anxiety or feelings of depression as a result of a long-term illness, this could be a reasonable explanation.

Drug Or Alcohol Use

Alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit drugs all contain powerful chemicals that change your feelings and thoughts. That’s why people take these mind-altering substances and how they foster drug and alcohol use disorders. But those chemicals may change your brain’s chemistry, creating problems that persist even once the substance is gone. If your brain chemistry is altered like this, it can precipitate mental health disorders.

Social Isolation

Human beings are social lifeforms. Even the most introverted citizens necessitate a bit of human contact to survive. If you live a relatively detached life with not many fulfilling relationships or contact with other people, it will impact your mental health.

Chemical Imbalances

Our physical, emotional, and mental health are all linked to chemicals in our bodies. If those chemicals get thrown out of whack for any reason, we could endure detrimental effects. If there’s no obvious reason behind your mental disorder, it might be that the brain chemicals that regulate your feelings are unbalanced. Aspects like genetics and lifestyle can precipitate these imbalances, but most frequently, doctors aren’t certain why a patient is undergoing this common cause of mental health disorders near Clark.

Why Does The Cause Of Mental Disorders Matter?

So why does the cause of your mental disorder make any difference? You could never determine the exact cause of your disorder, but these factors can help you get a clearer idea of what it is. From there, you and your doctor will have less difficulty knowing how to manage your disorder. To illustrate, medications may help with chemical irregularities, and therapy can help you work through childhood trauma.

Understanding potential causes of mental health conditions may also assist you in making necessary lifestyle enhancements to help prevent future disorders. You might also feel less isolated when you know others share your experiences and diagnosis.

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